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What is Probate?

When someone dies and leaves behind a Will, the person appointed as Executor will need to go through a legal process called probate before the Will can be relied upon to transfer assets into the name of the Executor who in turn can transfer the assets to the named beneficiary.  If the Executor ...
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5 Reasons Why DIY Wills Are a Bad Idea

You won’t realize your mistakes until it’s too late Making a do-it-yourself Will means you won’t have a legal professional looking over your Will, checking to see if it is up to standards and that it accurately reflects your wishes. If you make a mistake anywhere in your Will or if your Will i...
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When owing property in British Columbia with one or more other persons, you can own that property either by way of Joint Tenancy or Tenancy in Common with your other co-owners but what exactly does this mean? 1.What is Tenancy-In-Common? Tenancy-In-Common is a form of co-ownership whereby each perso...
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