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Our Biography

On August 24, 1993, Andrew Rebane became a member of the Law Society of British Columbia thereby becoming a practicing lawyer. Only days later, Andrew found himself handling 4 court applications on a Monday morning in Supreme Court Chambers located in Chilliwack, British Columbia. In those days, more people qualified for Legal Aid giving Andrew the opportunity to appear in court 6-8 times per month in chambers or in trial on behalf of clients needing assistance in family or criminal law. By 1997, Andrew Rebane had focussed his practice solely in the area of family law and due to his volume of clientele had become very adept on his feet in the courtroom and knowledgeable in the area of Family Law.

Practice Areas

Inheritance Disputes

The deceased loved one’s estate and whether the loved one left a Will.


Spousal support, child support, child custody, or property related issues with your spouse

Wills, Probate & Estates

Your Will is your opportunity to specify how your estate is distributed after you pass away.

Real Estate Disputes

Andrew Rebane will be on your side in these tense and stressful situations.

Barrister & Solicitor

Andrew Rebane

Andrew Rebane was born in 1968 on the westside of Vancouver before a lot was worth millions and grew up in a working middle class family with 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Andrew counts working at McDonald’s as equally as important as graduating from Prince of Wales during his teenage years as he learned the value of team work and systems in achieving the desired results for clients.

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What People Say About Us?

After being terminated from my job following a harassment complaint I made against another employee at work, I was devastated. I was dealing with not only my sudden job loss but depression and anxiety. Andrew Rebane kept everything in focus. He walked me through the process and explained in great detail what to expect. He made it easy and structure. He answered all my questions, no matter how trivial and valued all my worries keeping me informed via emails, calls, and meetings. I always felt respected and empowered to keep going after every meeting. Andrew always had my best interest in mind. Through Andrew’s extensive knowledge of law and his compassionate disposition, we were able to settle out of court. With the reference letter Andrew was able to attain for me from my employers, it will no doubt ensure an easier road for me to obtain employment in the future.

Stephanie H.

I have used Andrew Rebane in many capacities as a lawyer since 1998. He has always served myself and my family well, being diligent, prompt and effective, while being empathetic to our causes and needs. In particular, he was swift in his actions when my daughter was wrongfully dismissed from her employment several years ago. His decisive actions led to my daughter being hired back quickly and apologetically, yet performed his duties on a pro bono basis. My daughter has special needs and Andrew felt he needed to correct a wrong inflicted upon her. I would highly recommend using Andrew when a wrong has been committed against you or someone you love.

Charles W.

I was a top producer at my workplace when a superior started bullying and harassing me. I was at a loss as to what to do until I consulted with Andrew Rebane who quickly assessed I was being victimized by a superior who wanted my book of business. Upon retaining Andrew, he contacted the superiors of my bully and demanded an exit strategy for me that involved fair compensation for my book of business and for the emotional stress caused by this bullying. Andrew’s assertive nature towards my bully’s employer and a desire to right a wrong done to me gave me great comfort in a time of crisis. I recommend him to anyone who is being subjected to workplace bullying.

Linda W.
Sales Woman