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Stephanie H.

After being terminated from my job following a harassment complaint I made against another employee at work, I was devastated.  I was dealing with not only my sudden job loss but depression and anxiety.  Andrew Rebane kept everything in focus.  He walked me through the process and explained in gr...
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Charles W.

I have used Andrew Rebane in many capacities as a lawyer since 1998. He has always served myself and my family well, being diligent, prompt and effective, while being empathetic to our causes and needs. In particular, he was swift in his actions when my daughter was wrongfully dismissed from her emp...
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Linda W.

I was a top producer at my workplace when a superior started bullying and harassing me.  I was at a loss as to what to do until I consulted with Andrew Rebane who quickly assessed I was being victimized by a superior who wanted my book of business.  Upon retaining Andrew, he contacted the superior...
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