Family Law

If you are separating and going through spousal support, child support, child custody, or property related issues with your spouse, it is normal to feel as if everything you hold dear has been cast adrift.

In such situations, there is no substitute for an experienced lawyer who has practice experience in different areas of law for the simple reason that your rights in a property related dispute with your spouse could involve corporate/real estate legal principles or documents that a lawyer who has only practiced in family law may not be familiar with.

Andrew Rebane has been practicing for over 25 years and is well qualified to represent your interests in complex property related matters with your spouse that include valuating business and real estate.  He also understands how self-employed spouses may have financial statements that are not truly reflective of his/her current or future earnings.

In addition, Andrew has past experience in representing the Ministry of Children and Families in child apprehension matters and has handled many custody and parenting time disputes and is familiar with the use of expert reports in cases involving parental alienation and parenting time. 

Andrew is someone who is on on your side and can help you navigate the stresses and complexities to reach a positive resolution.He takes a view that a “good offence is a good defence” and that assertive measures with reasonable objectives in mind will assist you in achieving a resolution of your family law related problems in as short of period of time as possible.
In addition to providing you with practical and cost effective legal expertise to advice, Andrew will guide you through the process by helping you to understand your rights and obligations vis a vis the family law issue before you family law, negotiate an agreement if your spouse’s and your objectives coincide, and go to court if yours and your spouse’s objectives do not coincide.
Upon separation, whether you’re legally married or in a common law relationship, separating amicably or not, it’s important to seek legal advice quickly on a range of issues such as:

  • Are you at risk for domestic violence or is your spouse accusing you of domestic violence?
  • Who will the children live with?
  • Whether you or your spouse will pay child support to the other and if so how much?
  • Whether you will pay spousal support to your spouse or entitled to receive spousal support from your spouse?
  • What happens to the house you have lived with your spouse and children?
  • What happens to yours and your spouse’s pensions?
  • What happens to the family business owned by you or your spouse?
  • What happens to the other assets owned by you or your spouse?


Reaching Resolution

Andrew’s initial consultation will consist of his interviewing you so he can understand all of the facts relating to your family law matter so as to determine whether trying to settle the matter by way of separation agreement or whether court could in fact be a less expensive option.  This may sound surprising but separation agreements are exactly that meaning that both spouses must agree to all of the terms.  All too often, people waste money attempting to negotiate with spouses who are not yet motivated to enter into negotiations in good faith.  Andrew will consult with you in assisting you in determining whether your spouse is motivated to enter into good faith negotiations or whether the commencement of court proceedings is the only way to motivate your spouse to negotiate in good faith.  Even after court proceedings have been commenced, your family law matters can be resolved at any time up to trial and even during the trial by agreement with your spouse.   Only after judgment is rendered from the court is it too late to reach an agreement.  From drafting separation agreements, commencing court proceedings leading to mediated settlements, to conduct family law trials involving child custody & parenting time, spousal/child support, and property division issues, Andrew will ensure that your interests are well represented.