Real Estate Disputes

Like most people in the Lower Mainland, real estate represents your life’s work, when its ownership or possession is in dispute or the purchase/sale of it has gone sideways, you can feel as if your life savings are on the line…

Andrew Rebane will be on your side in these tense and stressful situations where the financial stakes are high.

Andrew’s past experience includes being a high volume conveyancing lawyer, foreclosure lawyer for financial institutions, business counsel for realtors and real estate agent companies, counsel representing parties involving the following issues: breach of real estate contracts, disputes over payment of real estate commission, residential/commercial tenancy disputes, and  trespass/nuisance/encroachment disputes between adjacent properties.

Delay in seeking advice in these sorts of disputes can negatively affect your legal rights and result in financial damages being awarded against you instead of your favor.

When your problem involves a piece of real estate, it’s important to seek timely legal advice on a range of issues :

  • The Buyer/Seller has decided not to follow through with the sale of the property – what shall I do and what are my rights to enforce the contract or obtain financial compensation from the defaulting party?
  • I signed a contract to sell my property but do not want to complete – am i obligated to pay my realtor commission? Am i obligated to complete?
  • I signed a contract to buy property but do not or cannot complete. What should I do?
  • My tenant refuses to pay rent and also refuses to move out of my basement suite/investment condo – how can I get the tenant out and collect rent?
  • My neighbor’s house is encroaching on my property – what can I do?
  • My neighbor’s use of property is interfering with the use of my own property – what can I do to stop him?


Achieving Results

The first step in the process is booking a consultation with Andrew and bringing in all documents relating to your real estate issue so that Andrew can gather all of the relevant facts to determine your legal rights and legal position.  Often, the next step after the initial consultation will be written correspondence to the opposing party setting out your legal position, your legal objectives, and the legal/financial consequences that will occur if the opposing party will face if they don’t accede to your position.  Sometimes, immediate court action is necessary to preserve your legal rights to legal and financial remedies against the opposing party.  Rest assured, Andrew will take the steps that are most cost efficient to you to achieve your desired legal result.  “Assertive measures to achieve reasonable objectives” is Andrew’s professional motto when representing his clients in disputes involving real estate law.