Home Testimonial

After being terminated from my job following a harassment complaint I made against another employee at work, I was devastated.  I was dealing with not only my sudden job loss but depression and anxiety.  Andrew Rebane kept everything in focus.  He walked me through the process and explained in great detail what to expect.  He made it easy and structure.  He answered all my questions, no matter how trivial and valued all my worries keeping me informed via emails, calls, and meetings.  I always felt respected and empowered to keep going after every meeting.   Andrew always had my best interest in mind.  Through Andrew’s extensive knowledge of law and his compassionate disposition, we were able to settle out of court.  With the reference letter Andrew was able to attain for me from my employers, it will no doubt ensure an easier road for me to obtain employment in the future.

Stephanie H.


I have used Andrew Rebane in many capacities as a lawyer since 1998. He has always served myself and my family well, being diligent, prompt and effective, while being empathetic to our causes and needs. In particular, he was swift in his actions when my daughter was wrongfully dismissed from her employment several years ago. His decisive actions led to my daughter being hired back quickly and apologetically, yet performed his duties on a pro bono basis. My daughter has special needs and Andrew felt he needed to correct a wrong inflicted upon her.  I would highly recommend using Andrew when a wrong has been committed against you or someone you love.  

Charles W.


I was a top producer at my workplace when a superior started bullying and harassing me.  I was at a loss as to what to do until I consulted with Andrew Rebane who quickly assessed I was being victimized by a superior who wanted my book of business.  Upon retaining Andrew, he contacted the superiors of my bully and demanded an exit strategy for me that involved fair compensation for my book of business and for the emotional stress caused by this bullying.  Andrew’s assertive nature towards my bully’s employer and a desire to right a wrong done to me gave me great comfort in a time of crisis.   I recommend him to anyone who is being subjected to workplace bullying. 

Linda W.

Sales Woman

Andrew Rebane represented me on a tricky Residential Tenancy matter with a tenant who was pursuing an unjust claim against me.  Andrew got to the heart of the issues, ensured a fair and speedy process, and most important, Andrew was instrumental in achieving the results I required.      I am a real estate lawyer and I refer my litigation and administrative law clients to Andre Rebane.    I have total confidence in his abilities.

John C.

Practicing Lawyer

Andrew Rebane is widely known and respected for his brilliant mind and the depth of his real estate knowledge. The tougher the situation, the faster people ran towards him. I once had a file where my client, a seller, amassed registered debts against title after accepting an unconditional offer and prior to completion of the sale. As the debts exceeded the sale price, my client risked being sued for failure to complete so I referred the file to Andrew. He proposed a solution, and when we presented the dilemma in court, the judge was so unfamiliar with the situation and Andrew's solution that he had to consult his law book prior to approving Andrew suggestion. In the judge’s words “I have a bucket full of common sense telling me to approve this sale but I don’t know how I can.” The judge was extremely impressed with Andrew's creativity and competency.   I have always appreciated Andrew's blunt and direct answers and opinions. Many lawyers beat around the bush, but Andrew consistently speaks his mind candidly, clearly, honestly and competently. These qualities I have found rare among lawyers and very much appreciated by myself and clients i have referred to him.

Jonathan G.


I retained Andrew to represent my and my partner is a multi-million dollar purchase which resulted in some court applications. Andrew was quickly able to recognize the issues and represented us achieving judgment in our favour. He was very quickly responded to all our queries all at a price that was reasonable. Clearly, Andrew’s knowledge was extensive and his service was impeccable all at a reasonable cost. I will definitely be referring friends and family to Andrew.


Practicing Lawyer

Andrew demonstrated the breadth of his legal expertise and knowledge when I hired him to represent me in a particularly complex family law/divorce mattert. He explained the legal process in a manner easily understood by a layperson, but he is not at all condescending. He negotiated a settlement where I was more than pleased with the outcome. His credentials are impeccable. For potential clients seeking legal representation in possibly contentious disputes, I highly recommend Andrew Rebane.

Lily N.

Business Owner

Having had the need of a lawyer on multiple occasions to deal with family custody and divorce issues, I was very fortunate to have come across Andrew in my searches for a lawyer.  Right from the initial meeting, I felt my case was in good hands with Andrew.  He was able to help me navigate the completely unknown world of law and break down all issues into digestible bits that I was able to understand without a hint of condescension.  His experience shines through in both meetings with other lawyers and in the courtroom where in my multiple trips I always felt I had the upper hand in representation.  Anyone would be fortunate to have Andrew by their side when the time comes and I will definitely be taping Andrew again when the time comes.

Matthew M.


Andrew represented me in my divorce settlement, and his experience and insight were a tremendous help. His straightforward, no-nonsense approach made the whole process so much less stressful than it had been before retaining his services, and his expertise in navigating the situation without dragging things on needlessly was much appreciated.   Andrew represented me in my divorce settlement, and his experience and insight were a tremendous help. His straightforward, no-nonsense approach made the whole process so much less stressful than it had been before retaining his services, and his expertise in navigating the situation without dragging things on needlessly was much appreciated.

Scott T.

Business Owner

I retained Andrew Rebane to assist me with my divorce.   Andrew’s extensive knowledgeable and experience was evident from our first meeting.  He provided me with all the information, managed my expectations and helped me through this life experience with no complications.   The fees were extremely reasonable and worth the investment for something that could have become complicated and expensive quickly.  I would certainly use Andrew’s services in the future if faced with another legal issue.

James F.

Transit Supervisor

Andrew was instrumental in recovering my children's inheritance from their grandmother's estate.  He arranged a mediation proceeding which culminated in a very satisfactory result for the children.  Throughout the process Andrew clearly explained the legal issues and options, and quickly responded to our questions and suggestions.   I was glad to have him fighting from my corner.  I have no hesitation in recommending his services.

Robert O

Retired Physicist

I was helping my mother, who was suffering from dementia, with her financial affairs when a sibling became unduly suspicious of my motives and commenced Commiteeship proceedings to take away the powers my mother had granted to me through a Power of Attorney.  I was bewildered by my sibling's allegations against me in those court proceedings but Andrew Rebane reassured me that because I always had my mother's best interests at heart my case to be appointed Committee of my mother's person and of her financial/legal affairs was solid.  His prediction came true as he presented my case in a passionate yet concise matter to the judge and the judge ruled in my favour meaning I was appointed Committee.  I am grateful that Andrew was on my side representing both the interests of myself and my mother.

Murray M.